Everyone can support the CHARITY-PROJECT-URAPOLA with a dedicated donation. The donations benefit the project 100%.

Donation information:

Kinderhilfe Sri Lanka e.V.
Account: 7023839
BLZ: 530 501 80
Sparkasse Fulda
Intended purpose: URAPOLA - Sri Lanka (very important)

We started a cooperation with the Kinderhilfe Sri Lanka e.V. (registered society).
Donations are handled through this society. You can order a donation receipt.

When a donation form is required,
download here:
The tax settlement would be by the tax office Fulda under number 1825058494-K03 - Kinderhilfe Sri Lanka e.V. We will be announcing the use of donations after end of the year. All receipts and documents are available on request.

Help with actively
to improve life conditions and the environment of over 850 families and their children in Urapola.